• Beach: 300 m
  • Shopping: 100 m
  • Tourist office: 70 m
  • City Nin: 2 km
  • City Zadar: 13 km
  • Bus station: 80 m
  • Restaurant: 400 m

Small town of Nin is placed in the central part of Adriatic region. It is located on the Ždrijelac peninsula at the southern part of the gulf of Nin. It is 17 kilometers away from Zadar, northwestern. Gulf of Nin itself is 7 kilometers long and it is the longest sand gulf on the Croatian part of Adriatic region. Old, historical part of Nin is placed on the island and new part of town is located on mainland. Between them, there are several small bridges that connects them.
Post office, bank, pharmacies, town services, souvenir shops, stores, restaurants and coffee bars are all located in the historical part of town.

The climate is mediterranean.

For traffic connection between Nin and Zadar, there are frequent local bus lines available. The nearest airport is Zadar-Zemunik and it is 28 kilometers away. Nearest ferry dock and railroad station are both located in Zadar. There is also available every day bus line Vir-Privlaka-Nin-Zadar-Zagreb.


Sand beaches with countless number of coves with mild entrances into water are ideal for families with children and non-swimmers. The sea is shallow and it is also warmer than open sea. The most famous of all beaches is so called “The beach of queen”. It is two kilometers long and it is the longest sand beach in the area. Not far from it there is largest finding site of medicinal mud in the Adriatic area. Therefore, Nin is also known for it’s health tourism. Except “The beach of queen” there are other beaches like: also famous sand beach of tourist settlement of Zaton, 1,5 kilometers long, located in thick pine forest; sand beach in Ždrijelac area, 800 meters long and populated by most beautiful apartment settlement on the northern part of Nin; and natural sand beach in Bilotinjak area.

Accommodation offer

By “The beach of queen” there is three-star family hotel “Condura Croatica”. There are also three-star family hotels “Lekavski” and “Onkel Ivan” which are located by the road that leads to the tourist settlement of Zaton. The largest offer of accommodation is provided in private apartments. Most of them are located by the beach of Ždrijelac.
There are many restaurants and bars located in the town, where you can enjoy numerous specialties of Dalmatian cuisine and domestic wine offer.


There is also rich offer of sports activities in Nin like water sports, horseback riding, school of surfing and paragliding. Tennis, small soccer and basketball fields are offering the possibility of active vacation. For bikers, along seaside there are many natural biking tracks. Besides sports activities, town is rich with cultural activities also, like cultural manifestations, concerts, theatrical plays and exhibits.
The tourist offer is completed with organized trips to the national parks of Kornati and Plitvica, to the rivers of Krka and Zrmanja and other tourist localities in riviera of Zadar.

On the road leading from tourist town of Vrsi to Nin, there are two pitoresque small settlements, Mulo and Zukve. Through the process of expanding by building weekend houses in each of them, they have grown into one unique settlement. Zukve is located by the sea and that makes it the area nearest to Nin. It is approximately 2 kilometers away eastern from Nin. Typical mediterranean vegetation, preserved natural beauty, shallow and warm sea makes it real tourist paradise ideal for quiet vacation for families with children. The water is crystal clear because the sea is shallow and therefore inappropriate for marine traffic. There are many beautiful private houses with apartments. Shops, stores, caffe bars and amusement park for kids are all located in center of town. By the beach there is old Croatian church of St. Jacob which is built in 11th century on the remains of roman villa with water well and partially examined cemetery. It is renewed in 1971. The townsfolk also mention the old church of St. John whose foundations ended up beneath the walls of weekend house.

The climate is Mediterranean.

Frequent local bus lines (Vrsi-Nin-Zadar) are available. The nearest airport is Zadar-Zemunik and it is 28 kilometers away. Nearest ferry dock and railroad station are both located in Zadar (25 kilometers away).


There are two beaches in Zukve. One is sand beach with mild entrance into water and forming the shape of an arc. The other is straight, pebble beach and there is also famous caffe bar “Santa Maria” which is new built replica of the ship. By the beach lies the St. Jacob’s small church.

Accommodation and activities offer

Tourist accommodation capacities are divided into several family and apartment houses of different categories. The location is good for beach walking and enjoying in wonderful lone coves ideal for swimming and relaxing. Not far from Zukve, in the town of Nin, for fans of night life there is most modern discotheque in the region. There is also a variety of sports and recreational offer like sport fishing and hunting tourism.
For fans of cultural events there is famous gallery of Višeslav, where exhibits hosting the greatest and most appreciated Croatian painters are taking place through the whole year.

Vrsi is fishing town located on peninsula, surrounded by the gulfs of Nin and Ljubački and in immediate vicinity of tourist place of Zaton and historical town of Nin. It is located 23 kilometers northwest from Zadar. Tourist place of typical mediterranean vegetation and preserved natural beauty is ideal tourist destination for admirers of intact nature, beautiful natural beaches and calm ambient. The shore in Vrsi is 23 kilometers long, rich with sand beaches, natural rock beaches, hidden coves and creeks. It is famous for medicinal mud whose medical attributes are verified by global medicine experts. Besides cultural and historical sights od 11th century St. Jacob’s church and local church, in Vrsi there are also post office, ambulance with regular medical service, shops, bars and restaurants. For fans of history and archeology, 5 kilometers away from Vrsi there is town of Nin, one of the oldest towns in Croatia. The place has a regular bus lines to Zadar. The nearest airport is Zadar-Zemunik and nearest ferry dock and railroad station are both located in Zadar. Through Zagreb and Zadar bus stations, Vrsi is connected with all bigger European cities.


Thanks to its location, Vrsi abounds with diversity of beaches. Inside 3 square kilometers there are several attractive beaches: sand beach of Jasenovo, unique fine pebble beach of Duboka Draga, sand beach (with small amount of pebble) of St. Jacob and plenty of other smaller beaches. Indented into deep bay, this place due to its protected position has few degrees warmer sea water than other surrounding places.
Fragrant pine forest provide both comfortable shade during warm summer months and enjoyment of calm beach walks from where you can see one the most beautiful sunsets on Adriatic region.

Accommodation and activities offer

Vrsi is 9 kilometers away from famous tourist complex of Zaton. The majority of accommodation units is located by sea, in regions of Mulo and Zukve. In the center of Vrsi there is also accommodation with quality in form of private rooms and “three star” apartments. Gastronomic specialties of dalmatian-mediterranean cuisine with excellent domestic wine industry are making tourist offer richer. For those who are looking for entertainment there is one of the most modern discotheques in Adriatic region available. Of sports activities we can sort out possibilities of renting tennis fields, horseback riding, biking, sport fishing, diving and so on.


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